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Entry #2

Hmmph...stupid people!

2009-05-26 18:07:16 by FrostDacorns

I hate stupid people that play video games with me. All they do is end up dying(thank god, it saves everyone else!) or just making everyone fall back and start to get irritated.
These people should be banned. And even if you show them al the buttons they still suck. It makes me upset when my little brother leaves me in CoD: World at War:Nazi Zombies. If you have a story or opinion please post.


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2009-05-26 19:15:59

I think those people you mentioned actually have mental illness and retardation. Those people need to be ignored somehow if you wanna be happy playing games with functional people rather than uneducated ignorant people who don't know how to use their brain, think, do critical thinking and other brain functions. Those who don't think, actually watch a lot of television which does the thinking for them, and that's what makes people stupid, when they stop thinking.